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CHEJ: The New Normal: Earthquakes
January 17, 2012, 2:59 pm
Filed under: News

Since March 2011, 11 earthquakes have shaken the Youngstown, Ohio area – which never had a recorded earthquake before. Seismologists have conclusively linked the earthquakes to a well used to dispose of wastewater from oil and gas drilling. Ohio ordered the well shut down on December 30.
The next day – New Year’s Eve – the largest earthquake yet struck Youngstown. “I heard like a big ba-boom, and the building just shook,” one resident said.
Neither Ohio Governor Rob Kasich nor the oil and gas industry see the earthquakes as cause for concern. The Ohio Oil and Gas Association called the earthquakes “a rare and isolated event.” A spokesperson for Governor Kasich compared the earthquakes to “a scrap-tire dump [catching] fire.”
But similar wells have been suspected of causing  earthquakes in another part of the state and in Arkansas, Colorado and Oklahoma. A Columbia University seismologist who is investigating the Youngstown quakes says he expects more during the next year even with the well closed.
Hydrofracking pollutes drinking water, consumes enormous amounts of clean water and rips open landscapes. And now we know it causes earthquakes. The only way to stop even worse disasters is to stop hydrofracking.


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