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OSHA Quicktakes: OSHA Acts To Protect Salon Workers From Exposure To Hair-Smoothing Products Containing Formaldehyde
September 15, 2011, 12:35 pm
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OSHA issued a second citation to a salon for exposing workers to dangerous levels of formaldehyde from hair-smoothing products. OSHA found worker exposure levels in the salon higher than the OSHA protective short term limit. In addition, OSHA cited two manufacturers and two distributors of hair-smoothing products for violations that included failing to list formaldehyde on both product labels and Material Safety Data Sheets.

OSHA issued a hazard alert in April that let salons know that if they use products that contain or release formaldehyde, they must follow the requirements in OSHA’s Formaldehyde standard (29CFR1910.148). The standard requires that employers test the air to determine the level of formaldehyde present in the air when the product is being used. If the test shows that formaldehyde is present at levels above OSHA’s safe limits, then the employer must implement measures to reduce employee exposure to safe levels.

Formadehyde Standard:


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