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EnviRN: Introducing Practically Green
March 11, 2011, 11:09 am
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Join Practically Green, a wonderful new web resource to help you learn how to green your life at your own pace.

(From Practically Green) What makes Practically Green unique?
Our assessment tool focuses on the quantity and intensity of actions in four areas of green living, along with a few facts about their life, to segment people into one of ten green profiles
Our proprietary recommendation engine provides people with a customized, manageable list of things they may want to do next to help improve
Our proprietary points system translates complex science about impact into something real people can understand. 150 points = big impact. 5 points = small impact.
Our actions database pulls together expert and real-life data, all in one place, to help people make decisions to change. In addition to why it’s green and how to do it, what products and services are really green and do people like? This helps protect people from greenwashing and bad experiences, by directing them to companies with good green products and services.
Our integration with Facebook & Twitter makes the process a whole lot more interesting and research shows that when friends make recommendations, people are more likely to do things
We think by doing all this that we are going to make green living easier and more enjoyable for the millions of people who want to be greener as well as the companies who are trying to reach them.


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