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EPA Aging Initiative Listserve: Aspen Institute Highlights 10 Ways EPA Has Strengthened America Over the Past 40 Years
December 14, 2010, 11:09 am
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The Aspen Institute – an international nonprofit dedicated to fostering enlightened leadership and open-minded dialogue – today unveiled a list of 10 ways the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has strengthened America over the past 40 years. The unveiling of the Aspen Institute list – which was compiled by a group of more than 20 thought leaders – kicks off a week of events to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the EPA. Aspen Institute President and CEO Walter Isaacson unveiled the list at the Aspen Institutes offices in Washington, DC, where he was joined by EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson.

“Over its 40-year history, EPA has evolved into the world’s preeminent environmental regulatory agency through a balanced, three-pronged strategy, combining excellent science, regulatory enforcement, and engagement of all stakeholders in developing new solutions to environmental problems. EPA’s balanced, multifaceted structure and operation sets the standard around the world for applying strong science, as well as economic incentives and disincentives, to achieve positive environmental outcomes while allowing businesses to grow and prosper,” said Isaacson.

The following are highlights of EPA’s 40 year history identified in the report:
* Removing Lead from Gasoline-and from the Air
* Removing the Acid from Rain
* Clearing Secondhand Smoke
* Vehicle Efficiency and Emissions Control
* Controlling Toxic Substances
* Banning Widespread Use of DDT
* Rethinking Waste as Materials
* A Clean Environment for All/Environmental Justice
* Cleaner Water
* The “Community Right to Know” Act

A full copy of the report can be found at
For more information about the EPA’s 40th anniversary, visit


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