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Children’s Environmental Listserve: Allergies & Asthma
December 1, 2010, 9:42 am
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Children Breathing Fumes from Water-Based Paints Have High Risk of Asthma and Allergies.
Children who sleep in bedrooms with fumes from water-based paints and solvents are two to four times more likely to suffer allergies or asthma, according to a new scientific study. Swedish and U.S. scientists measured the compounds ? propylene glycol and glycol ethers ? in the bedroom air of 400 toddlers and preschoolers, and discovered that the exposed children had substantially higher rates of asthma, stuffy noses and eczema. The irony is that these compounds are supposed to be healthier than the old, high-polluting, oil-based paints and solvents.

Common Household Chemicals and the Allergy Risks in Pre-School Age Children
The study found that a natural-log unit of summed propylene glycol and glycol ethers (PGEs) in bedroom air was associated with 1.5-fold greater likelihood of asthma, 2.8-fold greater likelihood of rhinitis, and 1.6-fold greater likelihood of eczema. They propose a hypothesis that PGEs in indoor air exacerbate and/or induce the multiple allergic symptoms, asthma, rhinitis and eczema, as well as IgE sensitization respectively.


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