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Baltimore Sun: Confusion Centers On Chemicals and Cancer
May 28, 2010, 9:16 am
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Experts disagree on how worried people should be about exposure

After Kate Canada had her first child three years ago, phthalates was the chemical that health-conscious moms like her went out of their way to avoid. So she tossed the plastic toys and replaced them with wooden ones.

When she had a second daughter this year, BPA became the substance to fear. So she bought new baby bottles and got vigilant about stocking her pantry with all things BPA-free.

Then, a few weeks ago, she heard about an annual report from the President’s Cancer Panel that, for the first time, painted a dire picture about potential cancer risks from a legion of environmental hazards. At that point, she threw up her hands.

“Parents shouldn’t have to be chemists and shouldn’t have to worry about every little thing,” said Canada, 34, of Rodgers Forge. “It just seems to be never-ending. It’s like, what’s next?”

The panel’s 240-page report urging more research and stronger regulations to protect the public from environmental chemicals that could cause cancer validated the work of scientists and environmental advocates who have long pressed for such safeguards. The three-member panel noted that people should limit their exposure to potential problem items such as pesticides, medical X-rays, plastic food containers and industrial chemicals. But with everything from drinking water to canned goods suspected as a threat, how should people try to limit these exposures? Or should they even bother?

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