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EHN: Which Fish To Eat? Study Finds Low Mercury In Most Top-Selling Seafood
April 27, 2010, 1:07 pm
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Apr 26, 2010

Groth, E. 2010. Ranking the contributions of commercial fish and shellfish varieties to mercury exposure in the United States: Implications for risk communication. Environmental Research
Synopsis by Jennifer F. Nyland

Of the top five selling fish in the United States, only one has above average mercury content, according to a new method of evaluating government data.

Experts send a mixed message to consumers when it comes to eating fish: it’s good for your heart health but beware of the methylmercury. A new way of organizing and ranking the pollutant’s levels in fish and shellfish may help consumers navigate this apparent contradiction, according to the study’s author.

The reanalysis of the government-collected data could provide consumers in the United States with an easier method to evaluate dietary exposure to mercury through the fish they eat, making it more likely they will choose the types and amounts of seafood that are safest to eat. In particular, the calculation of a “mercury input factor” weights both the amount of a particular fish sold and its mercury content.

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