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CHEJ: Siting Schools Safely
April 1, 2010, 1:28 pm
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CHEJ is launching state campaigns in Ohio and New York to protect school children and teachers from having schools located on or near contaminated sites or toxic facilities. The problem of unsafe school siting was first discovered in 1979 when the Niagara Fall’s 99th Street School was found next to the Love Canal toxic dump site. This should have served as a warning. Sadly, it did not. Children at the Royalton-Hartland School in NY were exposed to a toxic pesticide spill by the adjacent FMC plant. River Valley Schools in Ohio was built on an Army hazardous waste dump, and only after increased cancers and community advocacy was the school relocated.  

We can prevent our children from being exposed to toxic chemicals. We can require that schools conduct environmental testing on properties before locating a new school, and ensure they are well away from hazardous incinerators and landfills. If school property is polluted, the state environmental agency can assist in cleaning it up. CHEJ is working to pass model policies on the state level and support the Environmental Protection Agency’s efforts to release national School Siting Guidelines later this year. To get involved in this issue, contact


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