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EHN: Phthalates Exposure May Double Breast Cancer Risk…Or Not
March 24, 2010, 9:35 am
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 Mar 19, 2010

López-Carrillo, L, RU Hernández-Ramírez, AM Calafat, L Torres-Sánchez, M Galván-Portillo, LL Needham, R Ruiz-Ramos and ME Cebrián. 2010. Exposure to phthalates and breast cancer risk in northern Mexico. Environmental Health Perspectives.
Synopsis by Jonathan Chevrier, Ph.D. and Kathleen M. McCarty, Sc.D.

Women with higher exposure to additives used in some personal care and food products may have an increased risk of breast cancer.

Researchers conducting a study of phthalate exposure and breast cancer among Mexican women reported that metabolites of one type of phthalate are associated with at least twice the risk of breast cancer, while other types appear to lower risk.

Exposure to phthalates has been associated with a number of adverse health outcomes in humans, and particularly in men.  Few studies have however investigated the health effects of these widely used chemicals in women. This is the first human study to evaluate associations between exposure to phthalates and breast cancer.

Exposure to these chemicals is ubiquitous as demonstrated by the large percentage of the U.S. population found to have detectable levels of phthalate residues in their urine. Phthalates act as stabilizers, lubricants and binding materials. They are found in a variety of products including vinyl, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, children’s toys and detergents.

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