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Globe & Mail: Elevated Amount of BPA Can Increase Cardiac Risk By 45%, Study Finds
January 20, 2010, 9:43 am
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Bisphenol A is in the plastic-like lining of tin cans that separates the food from metal. Health Canada has designated the compound as toxic and had it removed from baby bottles. Deborah Baic/The Globe and Mail
The widely used plastic-making compound has already been labelled toxic by Health Canada and removed from baby bottles

Martin Mittelstaedt Environment Reporter

Elevated exposure to bisphenol A has been linked in a new study to a significantly increased risk of cardiovascular disease, the second time researchers have made a connection between the widely used plastic-making compound and heart ailments.

The finding, released Tuesday, is likely to add to the controversy over the risks to adults of bisphenol A, which has been designated as a toxic compound by Health Canada and removed from plastic baby bottles as a safety precaution, but is still used as a liner inside almost all food and beverage cans sold in Canada.

According to the new research, 60-year-old American males with the highest amounts of bisphenol A in their urine had about a 45 per cent greater risk of cardiovascular disease than men the same age with lower exposures, confirming the results of a previous study on the topic released in 2008 and based on a different sample of people.

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