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C&EN: Chlorox To Stop Using Chlorine
November 17, 2009, 10:05 am
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Plant Security: Bleach maker will end shipment of hazardous chemical
Michael McCoy
Citing a desire to improve security, Clorox says it will stop making its namesake bleach out of chlorine and sodium hydroxide.

Instead, the big household-products company will purchase high-strength bleach of up to 15% concentration and dilute it to household strength of 6%. The company will convert its Fairfield, Calif., plant within the next six months and switch its six other U.S. plants over the coming years.

Clorox’ announcement came three days before the House of Representatives was set to take up plant security legislation (H.R. 2868) that would require high-risk chemical plants and water-treatment facilities to use safer processes or chemicals.

The environmental group Greenpeace is lauding Clorox for eliminating risk from the use and transport of chlorine. “By ending the use of chlorine gas, Clorox also proves that eliminating these risks is both technically feasible and a smart business decision,” says Rick Hind, Greenpeace’s legislative director.

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