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HCWH: Hospitals Cut Meat Offerings to Reduce Climate Change
October 6, 2009, 2:21 pm
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Health Care Without Harm has announced a Balanced Menus Challenge to help hospitals reduce their meat offerings to impact climate change.  The press release is attached and is also available at
This Balanced Menus Initiative is significant because it is a concrete action being taken by hospitals to reduce greenhouse gases, to assist with the efforts to stop climate change.  It calls for hospitals to reduce their meat purchases and offerings by 20 percent within 12 months of accepting the challenge.  Fourteen hospitals have already signed onto this initiative.
Take into consideration these facts: 
•         The food system accounts for over 10% of overall energy use in the United States.
•        Globally, livestock for meat and dairy production accounts for 18% of greenhouse gases, more than all of Earth’s cars, trains, and planes put together
•         According to the United Nation Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, eating meat-free one day per week may be the most important thing an individual can do from a climate change perspective.
As we know, the healthcare sector has the ability to move the market, and we hope that these fourteen will be joined by others and that by reducing meat purchases and buying fewer processed meats, the health care sector will shift the market and make a great impact on climate change.  The Balanced Menus Challenge will be a significant part of HCWH’s climate change work as we move forward.
Mr. John Bluford, who is quoted in the release, is chairman elect of AHA for 2010, and will serve as chairman in 2011.


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