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EnviRN: Introducing Stop Chemical Chaos!
August 27, 2009, 9:13 am
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Imagine what nursing would be like if the FDA did not regulate drugs.   There would be no requirement for pre-market testing.  There would be no mandate to determine drug efficacy.   We would not know about potential side effects (toxicity) or drug interactions.  We wouldnt have recommended doses and administrations.  And without labeling requirements and inserts, consumers could not make informed decisions about the drugs they take.  It would be chaotic and dangerous.   It would be scary.

Welcome to the reality of chemical safety in the U.S.  In the world of chemicals and chemical products (that are non-pharmaceuticals) there is no requirement for pre-market testing for human health risks.   We do not know the human health threats posed by the vast majority of chemicals for which we have daily exposures through our air, water, food, and household and personal care products because the research has not been done. We have virtually no idea about the interactions that may occur when we are exposed to two or more products and/or environmental pollutants, i.e. lead in our drinking water and mercury consumed in fish; herbicides that are used on our lawns and pesticide residues on our fruits and vegetables; and so on.  Labels on the myriad of household and personal care products are totally insufficient to inform us about potential acute and chronic health effects (including possible carcinogenicity).

As nurses, we are in a unique position to question the wisdom of our current chemical policies in terms of public health protection.  We know how our knowledge about drugs is developed and disclosed.  We can demand similar policies and processes for all the products that we use and the pollution to which we are all exposed.  SO WHERE DO WE START?

Join with Nurses working to protect the health of our families, ourselves, and our communities who are advocating for safer chemical policy.  Join us at, on Facebook, and Twitter.


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