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EHN: Pollutants in Breast Milk May Fluctuate During Nursing
August 12, 2009, 2:27 pm
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Aug 11, 2009

LaKind JS, CM Berlin Jr., A Sjodin, W Turner, RY Wang, LL Needham, IM Paul, JL Stokes, DQ Naiman, and DG Patterson Jr. 2009. Do human milk concentrations of persistent organic chemicals really decline during lactation? Chemical concentrations during lactation and milk/serum partitioning. Environmental Health Perspectives
Synopsis by Michele A. La Merrill, Ph.D.

Levels of contaminants in breast milk are more complicated than once thought; instead of a constant decline during nursing, levels may fluctuate from beginning to end, finds a new study that contradicts the long-held belief that the pollutants steadily wane.

Breast milk continues to be contaminanted with chemical pollutants that collect in fat. These pollutants include flame retardants, dioxins and pesticides. The concentration of these fat-loving chemicals in a woman’s milk may not simply decrease over the course of her breast feeding. At least, not consistently, according to a study that counters long-held beliefs and most prior research results.

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